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  • About CIMAR

    B.D.X.MACHINERY LTD is a professional Light Construction Machinerymanufacturer. The company is located in the capital of China----Beijing, so there is a strong support of high-tech and high-tech talent.Since it was established in 2001, we focus on product development, design, manufacture, marketing and so on. We provide reliable quality, good service and hi-tech innovation to our clients. Brand CIMAR of the products including Tamping Rammer, Forward Plate Compactor, Reversible Plate Compactor, Vibrator Roller, Floor Cutter, Power Trowel, Flat Screed and so on are registered in more than 50 countries.

  • CIMAR History

    1、May 2001, B.D.X MACHINERY LTD. established.
    2、Sep. 2001, we independently designed and manufactured the First Power Trowel CPT-36(1 meter diameter) in Company History.
    3、Aug. 2002, we designed and manufactured the First Tamping Rammer CT-68P in Company History with Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.
    4、In 2005, approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, B.D.X. MACHINERY LTD. got the right to participated in the Carton Fair for the first time on behalf of the Beijing.

  • Company Location

  • Contact Us

    Address: No.315, Mafang Industry Development Area West, Pinggu District, Beijing, China 
    Tel: 0086-10-61089043 
    E-mail: cimarΘwww.eresumemaker.com
    Alibaba: cimar.en.alibaba.com/

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