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Product description

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CIMAR Concrete products will finish your assignments stably and credibly.

Every CIMAR Flat Screed is tested before delivery. We promise the products high quality, low cost and excellent performance. You could trust CIMAR.

CIMAR Flat Screed has been improved for many times. With original Honda 4 stroke engine, SCE will finish your assignments stably and credibly.

Engine Type Honda GX35 Robin EH035
Max. Power Output kW(PS) 1.2(1.6) 1.2(1.6)
Dimension L(mm) 500 500
W(mm) 800 800
H(mm) 800 800
Choice of Blade Length m(ft) 1.8(6)/2.4(8)/3(10)/3.6(12)/4(14) 1.8(6)/2.4(8)/3(10)/3.6(12)/4(14)
Weight kg 19/20/21/22/23 19/20/21/22/23

1. One piece casting aluminum body connect to engine.

2. Two adjust-handles control accurately,

3. It is convenient for the throttle lever on the handle.

4. Good quality shock absorber could absorb vibration efficiency. So the operator feels comfortable.

5. Rubber cover prevents dust in.

6. Steel spring which is better than the rubber one makes a longer life span for the machine.

7. 5 different lengths of blade for choosing.

8. Stand is easy for machine to store.